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We are an investment bank/management consulting firm dedicated to assisting companies with corporate finance,

business development, and strategic advisory.

Corporate Finance / FinTech

Identify and execute strategies leveraging FinTECH (Financial Technology) including Direct Investing (institutional capital) and Crowdfinance (retail).

Business Development

Structure creative deals with large pharma/medical device companies seeking to ‘externalize’ R&D via partnerships.

Strategic Advisory

SJA works closely with “buy side” (large biopharma, medical devices, healthcare services) and “sell side” (emerging growth companies) facilitating “exits” (M&A, IPO’s).

Marketing Services

Our marketing team supports all the services above, including helping clients effectively design and execute strategic, equity/rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns that build brand awareness and drives growth.

Are you selling equity to your most valued connections??



Branding & Advertising

Crowdfunding Strategy

Crowdfunding Design

Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Public Relations

Digital Media Buying

Collateral Design

Website Design

Print/Digital Design

Video Production


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What people are saying:

“…it’s a widely-held belief that a critical element of exceptional R&D organizations in the future will be creative BD engagement. In short, great BD and R&D are becoming synonymous with each other.”

—Bruce Booth, “External Innovation: Force Multiplier for R&D,” Forbes, 6/26/15

“Nearly $26B in real or potentially liquid distributions have been generated over the past two years alone. This is 3-4x more than has been invested over that period of time by VCs into biotech; distributions vastly outstripping investments is certainly positive biomarker for the venture sector.”

—Bruce Booth “Venture-Backed Biotech Today, Reflections on Exits, Funding, and Startup Formation,” Forbes, 1/22/15