Four-Year Window

“Over time, about 25% of any given quarters’ financings are for newly backed startups (”first financings”); further, the overall number of quarterly biotech financings have been relatively constant at ~120 companies…this implies that the typical life of a venture-backed biotech (at least with regard to their venture financing needs) must be about ~4 years. This data suggest that within that period of time, most biotech’s must seal their fate – either via death (shutting down) or by no longer needing venture funding (e.g., IPO, M&A, non-dilutive deal making self sufficiency). Otherwise, if it took a longer time on average to reach that fate, we’d see an increasing pool of biotech companies getting venture financed over time, which we largely haven’t over the past decade.”

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Pharma Trend: “Partner of Choice”

“…it’s no wonder that every big drug company wants to be “Partner of Choice” with smaller innovators. Nearly every pharma has hired consultants at some point to help it position its BD strategy more effectively”

– Goldman Sachs, “10 Drugs that could transform the industry” (Jan 2014)

“While the list itself is interesting, and each drug could be a blockbuster, I wanted to call attention to something the Goldman report and many others haven’t highlighted directly: the instrumental and essential role of smart business development deal-making underpinning these projects.”

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Business Development: “External R&D” Innovation

Access Capital via “External R&D”

“….private VC-funded biotech is a tiny fraction of the scale of the bigger BioPharma part of the sector in every major financial dimension. Small percentile changes to a Big BioPharma company’s market can swamp the scale of the biotech sector…..because of the scale difference, even small changes in the resource allocation practices within large BioPharma  companies’ coffer has the potential to dramatically alter the biotech ecosystem. Assume these big BioPharma companies channeled just ~5% of their balance sheet cash into private biotech companies – this capital flow would fully fund the entire VC-backed biotech sector for a year (~50 companies).”

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“External R&D” Case Study – Agios and Celgene

Business Development: Celgene/Agios Case Study

SUMMIT, N.J. & CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – April 15, 2010 – Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG) and Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc., a privately-held biotechnology company, today announced the formation of a global strategic collaboration focused on targeting cancer metabolism. The goal of the collaboration is to discover, develop, and deliver novel disease-altering therapies in oncology based on the transformational science of Agios’ innovative cancer metabolism research platform. This platform is based on the concept that targeting key metabolic enzymes unique to rapidly proliferating cancer cells can “starve” the cancer.

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