Jordan at JOBS Act roundtable

Scott Jordan will be participating in the roundtable covering the JOBS Act on Monday, Nov. 9th from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. in Washington, DC (Morrison & Foerster office). The event, hosted by Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, will be an off-the-record discussion of the impact the JOBS Act has had on capital formation and investor access and protection, and will feature government and industry representatives, academics and investor advocates. They anticipate discussing:

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Webinar: Learn about Liftlab and A/F Protein

A/F Protein provides unique, patented Cell Protection Proteins to hospitals, medical research centers and biotechnology companies for long term storage and preservation of cells, tissues, organs, live vaccines and enzymes. Leveraging these proteins, the company created a line of LIFTLAB cosmeceuticals that has been picked up by Neiman Marcus and is expanding rapidly. Meet key members of LIFTLAB and learn more about how it’s capitalizing on first-mover advantage.

Paloma develops treatment for age‐related macular degeneration

Paloma Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, development, and commercialization of drugs primarily in the areas of ophthalmology and oncology.

The Company’s lead product, Palomid 529 (P529), is a novel nonsteroidal, synthetic, small molecule drug targeting/inhibiting the P13K/Akt/mTOR signal transduction pathway. Outside of ophthalmology and oncology, P529 (and other analogs within the Palomid family) has shown potential to be used therapeutically for a broad range of clinical disorders including atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. P529 is currently under development for age‐macular degeneration. The Company has completed two human Phase I clinical studies with P529 for age‐related macular degeneration (Company run intravitreal administration and National Eye Institute run subconjunctival administration), both of which showed preliminary evidence of activity without toxicity.

In oncology, Paloma Pharmaceuticals has an extensive compendium of data, completed a pre‐IND meeting with the FDA, secured clinical sites and identified Principal Investigator’s (Dana Faber Cancer Institute).

Market potential

GlobalData estimates that the global macular degeneration therapeutics market was valued at $2,800m in 2010, and is forecast to grow at a
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.4% over the next eight years, to reach $4,949m by 2018. This projected growth is primarily attributed to the approval of VEGF Trap‐Eye under the trade name Eylea (aflibercept) for neovascular (wet) Age‐related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in the US in 2011. This drug launched in Europe and Japan by Bayer / Regeneron in 2012. Increase in the treatment rate and a high annual cost of therapy of the marketed drugs are expected to drive the market valuations through 2018.

Investment highlights

  • Efficient Management team with proven track record in ophthalmology and oncology drug development, FDA negotiations, and raising capital for biotech start‐ups
  • Novel mechanism of action (MOA)
  • The Company has completed two Phase I clinical studies with P529 for age‐related macular degeneration (Company run intravitreal administration and National Eye Institute run subconjunctival administration) both of which showing preliminary evidence of activity and a lack of toxicity
  • Revenue Potential Significant for Developing P529 in age‐related macular degeneration
  • Superior Drug Administration Route, Subconjunctival Delivery
  • Patent Protection through 2026
  • Robust Partnering Environment in AMD


Learn more

Learn more about Paloma Pharmaceuticals. Download the executive summary here.

Optiscan develops continuous glucose monitor for intensive care units

Optiscan Biomedical Corporation (“Optiscan” or the “Company”) is a medical device company that has developed an automated, plasma-based bedside Continuous Glucose Monitoring system (CGM) for use in hospital Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Coronary Care Units (CCU), and eventually for all in hospital diabetes patients. The Company’s CGM is the world’s first that does not require calibration from an external glucose monitoring technology, enabling superior ease of use and accuracy.

Optiscan has established first mover advantage in an $8 Billion market, Automted Hospital Glycemic Management comprised of $3 Billion (ICU), $2 Billion (Coronary), and $3 Billion General Hospital Markets.

Investor & Strategic Validation

Optiscan is backed by major Venture Capitalists including Ascension Health Ventures, Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc, Life Sciences Fund, Morgenthaler, and NGN Capital, and has partnered with one of the world’s largest healthcare companies (successfully completed a comprehensive five month due diligence review in October of 2012).

Value Proposition

  • Current Standard of Care Creates Significant Clinical Need
  • CE Mark Granted in 2011 – Approved For Sale in EU
  • FDA Approval Expected 2Q2014
  • Robust IP Portfolio
  • Experienced Management Team



As the world’s first plasma based automated measurement of glucose and analytes, OptiScanner is positioned to revolutionize glucose monitoring in hospital-based settings. Of interest:

  • Been granted 23 U.S. patents to date
  • Completed one trial involving critically ill ICU patients (MANAGE I), with a second, post market surveillance study well underway (MANAGE II) both showing excellent accuracy relative to YSI 2300 – an accepted reference standard for glucose
  • U.S. approval expected in 2Q2014
  • Commercializing in Italy, with pending orders representing $500K in hardware revenue and $1MM in annually recurring disposable revenues

Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

Since the day the first human being approached a prospective investor, the province of capital allocation has been controlled by a small and entrenched minority.

All this has changed. Now, the power of the Internet—particularly social media—enables anyone to connect with more investors in less time than it used to take to connect with one. The investing pool is open, everyone is in—and The Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media shows how to get to the forefront of the new world of venture financing.

The authors say, “What’s incredible about networked crowds is that they form structural patterns, which arbitrate a living balance between the various participants’ needs to actively communicate and connect to other parties. They can be hierarchical or even fractal patterns, each level providing a nexus to the next. But there’s nothing saying the structure has to be optimal. It only has to be functional. When it’s not reasonably functional, any one member would be inclined to unplug from his or her current part of the overall pattern and presumably plug into a more suitable place. Thus the structure of a crowd tends to be in a dynamic state of continuous rebalancing.”

This groundbreaking guide explains how the explosive growth of connectivity is obviating human-to-human networks and centralized planning of capital allocation—and describes how crowdfunding can be used to tap into a “collective intelligence” for far superior results.

The authors add, “… discovering an effective means to facilitate rapid affinity group assessment is the province of tomorrow’s crown achievement in realizing the power of crowdsourcing, and it will likely be a differentiator in the winning crowdsourcing (and specifically crowdfunding) platforms.”

Through special arrangement with the publisher, we’ve made the first chapter available to preview online. Read it here.

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Healthios and SJA to build life sciences crowdfunding portal

Leading Boutique Healthcare Investment Bank Healthios has partnered with S. Jordan Associates. Together they will create and launch HealthiosXchange, the industry’s preeminent crowdfunding portal.

When it goes live, the new platform will enable emerging growth healthcare companies to raise capital from accredited investors via Non-Dilutive Capital, Reg D, and Managed Institutional Funds. Equity crowdfunding for life science companies includes seed, bridge and side car financing.

Pending finalized JOBS-Act rules, HealthiosXchange would also be able to provide additional services for non-equity or “compassionate use” crowdfunding.

HealthiosXchange’s easy-to-use interface will facilitate private placements and partnering via eSignature/legal documents, due diligence/company scoring, custodial/ePayment, research/capital flows, financial reporting, and integration with industry conferences. For more information, click here.

ViDAC pioneers cancer metabolism treatment

By far, the oncology drug market is the largest therapeutic category and continues to grow impressively. Global sales of cancer drugs will grow at a CAGR of 12 to 15%, reaching $75-80 billion by 2015 from $48 billion in 2008.

ViDAC Pharma (“ViDAC” or “Company”) has discovered drug candidates that selectively kill cancerous cells while sparing healthy tissue. Targeted drugs dominated the top-10 best-selling oncology therapeutics in 2012 including Herceptin (global annual sales of $5.5 billion) and Erbitux (global annual sales of $2.0 billion).

ViDAC pioneered a revolutionary approach to treating cancer via targeting cancer metabolism. Unlike healthy tissue, cancer cells require an extreme amount of energy to fuel its growth. The additional energy is generated through a unique association between two proteins in the cell – VDAC and HK. ViDAC’s technology detaches these proteins – the way they are in healthy cells – and, as such, reinstates the normal level of energy produced. ViDAC’s lead compound, VDA-1203, “starves” the cancer of its food supply.

Cancer metabolism is one of the most important biological pathways to large pharma/biotech companies as evidenced by two recent deals:

  • Threshold Pharmaceuticals signed a $525 million licensing pact with Merck KGaA, which was sweetened with $80 million in upfront and near-term milestone payments, for the rights to Threshold’s compound, TH-302
  • Agios’ exclusive partnership with Celgene for the development of two programs that seek to starve tumors to death by blocking metabolic pathways. Under the terms of the deals, Agios received upfront milestones of $150 million, as well as $120 million in downstream milestone payments and royalties as well.


ViDAC has validated its targeted approach to killing cancerous cells in animal studies and established an encouraging safety profile in humans.

  • ViDAC’s technology covers multiple cancer indications including prostate, lung, cervical, and pancreas
  • The Company’s lead compound, VDA-1203, is in Lead Optimization-stage of development
  • ViDAC’s business model is to build a robust data package and prepare the Company’s lead compound for human trials, which is expected to take 12-18 months


Read ViDAC’s value proposition document here.

Vital Signs #29: Crowdfunding/Inbound Marketing Platforms – SJAConnect

S. Jordan Associates recently launched a Crowdfunding/Inbound Marketing consultative platform, SJAConnect, for emerging growth companies seeking financing from Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors (pending final SEC regulations – Crowdfunding). Please click on the link below for more information on how to generate investor leads from SJAConnect.

SJA – Inbound Marketing Platform, SJAConnect