Democratizing Finance

While researching and analyzing the key players and drivers underpinning the digital investment landscape, the DealIndex team uncovered a whole ecosystem of players that have transitioned into the online investment space. We realized that these players and how they interrelate with one another have not been covered before in a comprehensive manner. As such, we have attempted to capture the interlinkages between the swarm of players in the alternative finance space with this report.

This report covers emerging trends in alternative finance as well as offering an overview of the different areas of the sector, with a focus on equity crowdfunding in Volume 1. In subsequent reports we will cover asset classes including real estate and debt in similar detail. Alternative finance is sometimes seen as a broad and opaque space, through this report we outline how its seemingly disparate parts fit together, and where the sector as a whole is headed. We begin by reporting our key findings and trends, before moving on to describing the diverse array of platforms and services offered. We conclude with an analysis of the changing investor landscape in the sector. This report has been prepared in collaboration with several disruptive and leading alternative finance players across three continents and is furnished with many useful case studies. We hope the report elucidates alternative finance for all who may have an interest in this important and rapidly growing sector.

Notes From Some of Our Partners

“The digital investing and lending market has grown dramatically in recent years. While the growth is unprecedented, the market is lacking in fundamental data and insight, the type that DealIndex has set out to foster. At Crowd Valley, we believe in universality and transparency in this market and through our digital back office product, we aim at catalyzing the markets development through robust middle and back office tools for operators, as well as for the buy and sell side stakeholders. That is why we partner with leading stakeholders in the market that have a digitally native approach to the changes and opportunities in the financial service market.”

– Markus Lampinen, Co-Founder and CEO, Crowd Valley

“I was fascinated to preview this report, shows how new thinking is re-framing the finance world, some inspirational stuff and growing scale. Soon, more the new normal than the alternative!”

– Lin Feng, Founder & CEO, DealGlobe

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