Scott Jordan will be speaking at the 3rd Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit  in New York on Wednesday, October 14th,  the second event in iGlobal Forum’s Tech Reboot 3.0 series.

The phenomenal growth of real estate crowdfunding has outpaced every other industry—including technology—since the SEC legalized investment crowdfunding in September 2013. Crowdfunding provides real estate developers and syndicators with a new way to raise capital, and offers investors a new way to access this asset class beyond private equity and REITs.

At the conference, hear how to navigate the regulatory environment in an asset class that is constantly evolving, and how to benefit from understanding the best way to use these changes to your benefit. With the new regulations Reg A+ and Title III just starting to affect the investor base in approving unaccredited investors in the real estate market, the industry is in for a huge overhaul. iGlobal Forum’s 3rd Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit will help you discover how to capitalize on the different flavors of crowdfunding, and how to participate in the hypergrowth of this industry whether you’re a developer/syndicator, owner/operator, investor or intermediary.

Draft agenda subject to change:

7:45am Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

8:45am Opportunities, Concerns & Controversies in the Current Trajectory of Crowdfunding Real Estate
•    Examine the recent regulatory changes to the industry and the effects they have had on capital raising strategies and investment activity
•    Signs of crowdfunding growth from last year affecting the larger real estate industry
•    Understanding and navigating the legalities in getting involved in the blind pool while making sure to follow compliance
•    Diversifying your capital raising strategies to stay competitive while also remaining within your timeframe
•    Discuss the maturity of the market, and the viability in doing larger deals on these platforms

9:30am Choosing the Right Crowdfunding Platform for You
•    Understand the different relationship each platform will provide between the capital provider and the capital raiser, and discuss the different provisions varying types of platforms have in place to facilitate that relationship
•    Explore the consequences of the development of Reg A+ — how will bringing on unaccredited investors and lower investment limits affect platforms and their profitability for all sides of the transaction? Is there pent up unaccredited investor demand on the verge of democratizing the investment industry, or will this have little to no effect?
•    Learn how marketing and advertising opportunities vary per platform with the development of regulations 506(c) and 506(d) offerings requirements
•    Discover opportunities in white label crowdfunding and understand if this is a fit for you
•    Examine the underwriting requirements different platforms have in bringing on new projects and the measures taken to protect the investor and ensure transparency
•    Discuss how the size of the platforms and number of return investors and capital raisers affects the success of the platform

10:15am Morning Networking Break

10:45am Understanding the Investors in the Crowdfunding Space
•    Learn who is investing the capital and where the smart money is going
•    Discuss the risks in investing in crowdfunding platforms and what to expect in repayment
•    Explore opportunities in securities on these platforms, liquidity in your investments, and the future in private placements
•    Discover how successful investors in this area are protecting themselves and effectively looking out for true transparency
•    Explore the changes that are still necessary to make this class as lucrative as other real estate investment vehicles, and how to strategically place investments to make these changes happen

11:30am Developers Perspective
•    Hear how developers are reacting to the 506(c) and 506(d) requirements, and if it is affecting the profitability of raising funds via crowdfunding – is a compliance officer on staff necessary to make enough capital via crowdfunding to balance the cost?
•    Discuss how to best use crowdfunding to fit into the capital stack, and what other forms of funding developers are pairing it with to successfully raise enough per project
•    Understanding the differences between types of platforms, and how each website will affect your strategy differently in how you interact with investors
•    Explore case studies of successful projects and how to implement these techniques in future fundraising efforts

12:15pm Networking Luncheon

1:30pm Roundtable Discussions – Getting Started in the Crowdfunding Game
Choose one of the following sessions to have an interactive discussion with your peers. These roundtable sessions will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet and discuss the most pressing issues in the industry with other professionals who are both looking to get started and those that have already found success.

Roundtable 1: Funding Your Project: Building an Online Presence to Attract the Investor Eye
•    Tailoring your online post to find the money – how to attract institutional investors while keeping in mind the effects Reg A+ will have on the investor base
•    Choosing the right platform to most effectively market your product: how are you looking to interact with your investors, and which strategy would be the most effective for you?
•    Learn the prospects on funding an entire project online – is there real future in solely funding a project through crowdfunding?
•    Discuss how to stay competitive with crowdfunding vs. other real estate investment vehicles in the marketplace, how to close deals quickly, and the process
•    The real cost of capital raising on crowdfunding, and keeping costs below market

Roundtable 2: Finding Real Returns in a Changing Marketplace
•    How to most effectively do your due diligence to ensure the value of your investment when handling the details online
•    Learn how the aspect of crowdfunding affects the risk assessment when choosing between acquisitions or ground-up developments
•    Researching the platform and knowing the conversion rates of returning investors as a representation for likely future returns
•    Understanding the complexities between listing sites and websites that run transactions, and what happens to your investment if a project is not fully funded
•    Privacy management variations between different platforms, and the management of your relationship with the developer or owner of the property

2:15pm Afternoon Networking Break

2:30pm Understanding Variations in Crowdfunding Types and Balancing Fees
•    The expanding roles of broker-dealers, independent advisors and RIA’s in the crowdfunding network and bringing their clients on board in the space
•    Understanding the different roles broker-dealers and RIA’s are playing in this space
•    Discuss the different risks and processes associated with investing in debt vs. equity crowdfunding, and if P2P crowdfunding is the way of the future
•    Parsing the existing research on crowdfunded deals and if these advisors will be bringing portions of their client’s portfolios into the space
•    Learn how insurance companies are participating in the advancement of , and how the intricacies of protection are being provided in an environment that is so frequently changing
•    Using big data and industry activity to understand the crowdfunding industry

3:15pm The Future of Crowdfunding – Can the Market Withstand a Downturn?
•    Discuss the prospects of an industry that has not yet lived through a downturn – how will the market bounce back? Are platforms prepared for the cyclical nature of the real estate market?
•    Fees associated with getting involved in crowdfunding, and if these will change at all in the future to make for a better market return
•    Understanding the current spread of risk per each investment – are the platforms taking any of this on? Will they in the future, or is this all on the investor?
•    Hear where the experts think the industry will stand in 3-5 years, and if strategic investments are being made to ensure the industry’s growth

4:00pm Chairperson’s Summary

Building and Marketing Your Own White Label Crowdfunding Solution
Luncheon Workshop, 12:30 – 1:30

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts that have successfully implemented white label crowdfunding solutions on their own websites, and explore how to manage it on your own. This workshop will guide you through the step-by-step process in:
•    Building and implementing the software required for a white label process
•    Most effectively marketing yourself online while also remaining compliant to SEC guidelines
•    Utilizing the tools available in this process to find potential investors in the industry you would not have met otherwise
•    Tailoring the wording used in your posting to give you the best traction
•    Understand the regulatory environment surrounding this process and techniques to keep in mind to ensure transparency on your end
This small-group, interactive session will also give you a unique opportunity to network both with those working through the compliance difficulties in implementing this process on their own, as well as those who have successfully managed it.