On behalf of Healthios Capital Markets, I am delighted to announce the launching of HealthiosXchange, Healthcare’s Investment Marketplace.

HealthiosXchange is the premier online capital market dedicated exclusively to the global healthcare industry. Employing crowd finance as the cornerstone of a new paradigm in healthcare investing, HealthiosXchange offers direct access, from “seed” to “exit,” to the most promising healthcare companies in the world.

Please join HealthiosXchange here.

HealthiosXchange seeks to transform the healthcare capital markets in three ways:

1.    No Fee, No Carry investments
2.    Exclusive deal selection through HX Scoring
3.    Direct access to the most promising emerging growth companies worldwide

HealthiosXchange currently lists more than (5,000) emerging growth healthcare companies and (1,700) strategic buyers in (46) market sectors. Membership includes more than (2,000) individuals, including accredited investors, family offices, private banks, foreign trusts, sovereign wealth, cross-over funds and alternative managers. HealthiosXchange comprises (4) discrete capital markets to serve the needs of investors, emerging growth companies and strategic buyers throughout the investment horizon.

The mission of HealthiosXchange is to Unify the Promise of Medicine with the Fortunes of Those Who Invest in It.

Learn more about HealthiosXchange here, and sign up here.