Top in-Licensing Drugs

“…it’s no wonder that every big drug company wants to be “Partner of Choice” with smaller innovators. Nearly every pharma has hired consultants at some point to help it position its BD strategy more effectively”

– Goldman Sachs, “10 Drugs that could transform the industry” (Jan 2014)

“While the list itself is interesting, and each drug could be a blockbuster, I wanted to call attention to something the Goldman report and many others haven’t highlighted directly: the instrumental and essential role of smart business development deal-making underpinning these projects.”

“By my quick review, it appears as though ~75% of these drugs originated at firms different from the company that owns them today – either via licensing deal or via corporate acquisitions. Savvy business development and corporate development strategies drove the bulk of the list.”

– Bruce Booth, “Transformational Late Stage Drugs Delivered Through Deal Making,” Forbes, 3/21/2014

High Potential Pipeline Drugs That Could Transform the Industry (Goldman Sachs, Jan 2014)
Top in-Licensing Drugs
2/3rd’s of the valuation of the industry’s late stage pipelines is from externally derived program
Top 12 Big Pharma's Late Stage Pipeline Valuations by Source, 2010-2013