• San Antonio, Texas- based GenSpera (GNSV) is a biotechnology company engaged in the development of targeted prodrug therapies for the treatment of human solid tumor cancers.
  • The company’s drug development portfolio is based on a potential first in class, plant derived cytotoxin named thapsigargin, which is isolated from the seeds of a plant that grows naturally in countries around the Mediterranean.
  • The Company’s lead drug candidate, G-202, is a prodrug formulation of a thapsigargin based cytotoxin that is bioactivated by the enzyme Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA).

Investor Keys to Success – Upside, Timeliness, & Liquidity

  • Reasonable Entry Price/Valuation
  • Likelihood of Steadily Increasing Valuations – Low Burn Rate/Meet Milestone Targets & Dates
  • Liquidity via Public Listing on OTC.BB – Investors Sell 25% of Position, Recoup Initial Investment
  • Micro Cap Research Coverage – Increase Trading Volume
  • Raise Capital Through PIPE with Simultaneous Uplising to NASDAQ (Meet Market Cap Threshold)
  • Fund Phase 2 Study – Randomized, Multi-Center, Controlled Study
  • Projected $1 Billion Valuation with $40 million shares; $25/share (i.e., Plexxikon)
  • Sale to Strategic – Possible 80-100x Return on Investment within 5-6 Years (i.e., Janssen/Cougar)

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