S. Jordan Associates (SJA) is a management consulting firm dedicated to assisting emerging growth companies accelerate therapeutic, medical device, and medtech development programs. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in pharma, biotech, investment banking, and FinTECH (founder of the premier online investment portal HealthiosXchange), SJA has established a strong track record of executing licensing agreements, private placements and “exits” (M&A) on behalf of clients.

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Business Development (BD)

“…it’s no wonder that every big drug company wants to be “Partner of Choice” with smaller innovators. Nearly every pharma has hired consultants at some point to help it position its BD strategy more effectively.Bruce Booth, “Transformational Late Stage Drugs Delivered Through Deal Making,” Forbes, 3/21/14

“ …it’s a widely-held belief that a critical element of exceptional R&D organizations in the future will be creative BD engagement. In short, great BD and R&D are becoming synonymous with each other.” – Bruce Booth, “External Innovation: Force Multiplier For R&D,” Forbes, 6/26/2015

Strategic Advisory

“The past two years (2013-2014) have seen more IPOs (173) than the cumulative total of the prior decade…M&A has also been strong…biotech has seen 85 “big exits” over the past six years reaching an average upfront and total deal value of $366M and $507M in 2014 (30-50% higher than just five years ago).” – Bruce Booth, “Startups, Exits, and Ecosystem Flux: Bullish for Biotech” Forbes, 9/8/2014

“Nearly $26B in real or potentially liquid distributions have been generated over the past two years alone. This is 3-4x more than has been invested over that period of time by VCs into biotech; distributions vastly outstripping investments is certainly positive biomarker for the venture sector.” – Bruce Booth, “Venture Backed Biotech Today, Bruce Booth, Forbes 1/22/15

Private Placements

“….over $38 billion was deployed by venture capital into therapeutic biotech companies over the ten-year period (2005-2014) in nearly 3,000 financings.” – Bruce Booth “Disease-Specific Allocations: The Past Decade of Venture, IPO’s, and Deal-Making,” Forbes, 6/15/2015

“The creation of new startups is vital to the long-term health of the biotech.” – Bruce Booth “Venture-Backed Biotech Today, Reflections on Exits, Funding, and Startup Formation” Forbes, 1/22/15