S. Jordan Associates (SJA) has successfully raised private placements for early-stage/growth companies via offline (traditional corporate finance/banking), and online platforms (~HealthiosXchange).

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  • Understanding the Process
    • Types of Securities: Convertible Notes, Preferred Equity…
    • Types of Investors: Accredited, Family Office, Institutional…
    • Regulatory: Filings – Reg D 506 (b), (c) – General Solicitation
    • Compliance – KYC, Accredited Verification, “Bad Actors”
    • Custodial – Escrow Accounts
    • Shareholder Management Post-Close/Reporting
  • Core Document Preparation
    • Executive Summary
    • Management Presentation
    • Financial Valuation/Modeling
    • Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement
  • Marketing
    • Online Investment Portals – Accredited Investors (HealthiosXchange), Institutional (Capbridge)
    • Offline – Institutional Investors
  • Compliance/eDocuments
    • Send/Receive Closing Documents ~DocuSign
    • Store in CRM ~SalesForce
  • Funding
    • Investor Proceeds Secured in Escrow
    • Escrow Agent Releases Funds to Issuer
  • Shareholder Management
    • Issuer Makes Available to Shareholders All Closing Documents
    • File All Necessary Regulatory Reports Post Transaction


SJA Track Recond

  • Launch of the preeminent global capital markets platform, CapBridge (September, 2015)
  • Responsible for over 3,000 members joining HealthiosXchange (Equity Crowdfunding, “Direct” Investing) since August, 2013, including:
    • Accredited investors
    • Emerging growth company executives
    • Investment professionals (VCs, LPs)
    • Strategic buyers
    • Industry association members
  • Assisted Healthios with closing and managing client engagements resulting in over $350MM of invested capital raised in 2013-15 including:
    • Clear Vascular
    • Corium International
    • Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
    • IRX Therapeutics
    • Miacom Diagnostics
    • Nanomix
    • Wellfount
  • In 2012, worked closely with Healthios securing over $50MM of development capital for emerging growth companies including:
    • Cardiosolutions
    • Liquidia Technologies
    • Pinnacle Biologics

HealthiosXchange CapBridge

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