S. Jordan Associates (SJA) is a management consulting firm dedicated to assisting emerging growth companies accelerate therapeutic, medical device, and medtech development programs. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in pharma, biotech, investment banking, and FinTECH (founder of the premier online investment portal HealthiosXchange), SJA has established a strong track record of executing licensing agreements, private placements and “exits” (M&A) on behalf of clients.

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  • “Understanding the Process”
    • “When Should I Partner?”
    • “Am I Ready to Partner?”
    • Define Goals Including Timelines
    • Corporate Structures (LLC, C-Corp)
    • Licensing Structures (e.g. Early Pharma Structured Buyouts)
  • Core Document Preparation
    • Executive Summary
    • Management Presentation
    • Financial Valuation/Modeling
    • Term Sheets
  • Identify, Communicate, Manage Licensing Agreements w/Strategics (Large BioPharm, Medical Devices)
    • Identify – SJA “Rolodex” and Data Analytics (e.g. Most Active Companies)
    • Marketing – Online (email, social media), Offline (partnering events)
    • Manage/Due Diligence – Investment Portals (HealthiosXchange, CapBridge)
  • Negotiation
    • Term Sheets
    • Full Agreement
  • Closing, “Win”

Track Record

  • Supervised corporate finance initiatives for IRX Therapeutics leading to collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical company in 2014
  • Advised Advanced Life Sciences on securing a licensing partner for the Company’s next-generation antibiotic in Community Acquired Pneumonia (CABP) Restanza™/cethromycin, resulting in a Letter of Intent (LOI) from a major Italian pharmaceutical company (2013)
  • Signed a licensing agreement with Nippon Kayaku, a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company with over $1.2 billion in revenues, for the rights to IL13-PE38QQR (fusion protein – glioblastoma multiforme) on December 28, 2004.  NeoPharm received a $3 million upfront payment with potential milestones of $25 million
  • Identified opportunities for out-licensing NeoPharm’s proprietary liposome drug delivery technology, NeoLipidTM. Signed licensing distribution agreements with Nippon Genetics and Avanti Polar Lipids in 2003-04.
  • Negotiated a licensing agreement with Wyeth-Ayerst for the rights to NeoPharm’s LErafAON (antisense) in 2002


Creative Deal Structuring – External R&D

  • Direct External Innovation Models – Partnering Around a Specific Company/Project
    • Venture Co-Creation – Large BioPharm/Medical Device participate with venture capital firms in early moments of launching a company
    • Built-to-Buy Deals – Asset-centric drug discovery startups, with pre-defined acquisition rights at “Development” Company nomination
    • Broad Company Accelerating R&D Collaborations – Upfront capital in exchange for pre-specified product rights (e.g. Agios/Celgene)
  • Fund Related Portfolio Approaches – Large BioPharm/Medical Device Expand Reach and Exposure to Innovation
    • Corporate Venture Capital – Syndicate partners of choice in the early-stage arena
    • Limited Partnership Commitments – To established venture funds
    • Option Funds – Either in-house funds with product rights or LP-relationships where Pharma/Medical Device gains direct rights to option-in or access the underlying investments in the portfolio
  • Open Innovation Models – Academic Partnerships, Consortia-based Pre-Competitive, Internal Capabilities Sharing


“Future of Innovation in the life sciences will be defined by a converging R&D ecosystem that brings larger BioPharm companies, young biotech’s, VCs and academia together in new collaborative models.” — Source: Bruce Booth, “External Innovation: Force Multiplier For R&D,” Forbes, 6/26/15

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