SJA Services - Project Management

We work collaboratively with CrowdFundConnect to finalize programming and design of your crowdfunding portal.

Programming Available

  • Advanced Members – Geo-positioning of Investors with Advisors (Broker/Dealers) and Issuers/Sponsors
  • Advanced Search – “Matching” Investors with Companies based on investor preferences in member profiles
  • Advanced Webinars – Like, Follow, Share Events, Automatically become members of SPX upon Registration
  • Notifications – Followers of Issuers/Company Pages Receive Automatic Updates
  • Rankings and Reviews – Crowdsourcing (~Scoring) resulting in benchmarks for Accredited investors to perform due diligence
  • Syndicates – “Online Venture Funds” enabling Accredited investors to diversify across a number or promising real estate opportunities
  • Reporting – Online reporting and tagging capabilities important for investor advisors (Broker Dealers/RIA) to assess/select investment opportunities on behalf of clients and evaluate investment performance.


  • Additional Pages – Including Graphics: Business Descriptions, “Our Services”
  • Updated Website – Recommended once per year