New FinTech Funding Alternatives for Life Science Companies

On April 21, more than 80 investment professionals and emerging growth company executives participated in SJA/ShareVault’s webinar, “New FinTECH Funding Alternatives for Life Science Companies.” Topics of discussion included answers to the following questions:

  • Can I leverage FinTECH Portals (~AngelList, Capbridge, HealthiosXchange, Healthfundr) to raise capital from retail and institutional investors?
  • How should I set my expectations regarding the amount of capital I can raise under the JOBS Act (Title’s II, III, and IV)?
  • Can I simultaneously raise capital and list on an exchange (OTCQX, NASDAQ) via Reg A+ (Tier II) and do I need to hire an underwriter?
  • How did Elio Motors raise $17M via Reg A+ and “Go Public” on the OTCQX Exchange? How is Stock performing to date?

Get answers to these questions and much more.

View the slide deck here or click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Social Media is Revolutionizing Alternative Investing

Digital Marketing/Social Media is Revolutionizing Education, Awareness, and Understanding of Alternative Investing

by Scott Jordan

“The Future of Peer-to-Peer Loans?
The Interview with Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace”

Joseph Hogue, CrowdFunding Beat

Crowdfunding Beat – “How about the future of the industry? Where do you see peer loans in, let’s say, three years? Maybe even in five years?”

Ron Suber – “Continued integration of these peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms into the social network and the social community. If you look at Facebook today and go to the Prosper page on Facebook, you see thousands, tens of thousands of people telling their stories, sending in videos about how we helped them, and sending in photographs about the benefits of using Prosper. And you’ll start to see more and more of these technology firms embracing peer to peer (P2P) finance and payment. I think that will be a major driver in the next year or two ahead.”

Prominent FinTECH (Financial Technology) executives like Ron Suber, (President – Prosper), are realizing the benefits of marketing to borrowers/lenders on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter given social media’s “reach” (over a billion members on Facebook), and ease of sharing/building communities online including Friending” “Following” “Messaging” and “Liking.”

Below are the primary value propositions shared “virally” on social networks by leading FinTECH companies:

►    Refinance consumer debt, major purchases, small business loans

►    Secure premium yields after default rates and fees

►    Raise capital on a direct basis at lower fees (~Seed, Series Rounds)

►    Access to premium deal flow, lower fees, higher IRR

P2P/Marketplace Lending (Prosper) and Equity Crowdfunding platforms (HealthiosXchange) are increasingly utilizing social media platforms (~Linkedin) to build stronger relationships with existing members/customers stimulating repeat “purchasing” behaviors (lending, borrowing, investing), and reinforcing referrals to colleagues, friends and family.

Linkedin’s 1st (direct) and 2nd degree (indirect) connections directly influences user behavior facilitating communication, referrals, testimonials, “Followers,” and sharing/messaging.

Let’s now look at some of the leading social media strategies facilitating referral behaviors.Some of these strategies are basic while other complex, regardless, used in combination and with frequency, social media tools empower “Escape Velocity” or exponential member growth …

Read more or download the white paper here.