Webinar: Launch of Novel Crowdfunding Platform for Incubators-Accelerators

Learn about H/X Incubator Direct, a novel platform for Incubators and Accelerators seeking to raise capital for their portfolio companies, attract promising new emerging growth companies, and/or network with H/X’s members, including Accredited investors, investment professionals, and strategic buyers.

Of interest, H/X Incubator Direct has partnered with MATTER, a leading Incubator/Accelerator located in Chicago, along with noted pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie, Astellas, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

MATTER will help connect partners with innovators and entrepreneurs, unite Chicago’s dispersed health technology community and accelerate the formation and growth of new businesses that can revolutionize healthcare. MATTER’s strategic partnerships will also give startups the rare opportunity to collaborate with and learn from industry leaders that can help them develop and launch their innovations.

MATTER’s mission is to proactively connect and promote collaboration between entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians and industry partners in order to bring next-generation products and services to market that improve quality of care and save lives.

Learn more about MATTER here.

Harnessing the crowd: Understanding the future of equity-based crowdfunding

Rory Eakin, Founder and COO of CircleUp, and Scott Jordan, Founder of HealthiosXchange, provided insights about crowdfunding trends in a unique and informative session hosted by Pensco Trust Co.

Equity crowdfunding has a large and growing base of global supporters and advocates. Some call the recent rise in popularity “a revolution” in early-stage finance. The presentation covers:

  • Differences in crowdfunding platforms
  • Regulatory Implications
  • Investment Trends

See the presentation Harnessing the crowd: Understanding the future of equity-based crowdfunding.

HealthiosXchange Strategics Webinar

If you are a Strategic (Large Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device) interested in how HealthiosXchange can assist your search and evaluation efforts, view this webinar.

HealthiosXchange is the premier online capital market dedicated exclusively to the global healthcare industry.  Employing Crowdfunding as the cornerstone of a new paradigm in healthcare investing, HealthiosXchange offers direct access, from “seed” to “exit,” to the most promising healthcare companies in the world.

HealthiosXchange currently lists more than 5,000 emerging growth healthcare companies and 1,700 strategic buyers in 46 market sectors. Membership includes more than 2,000 individuals, including accredited investors, family offices, private banks, foreign trusts, sovereign wealth, cross-over funds and alternative managers. HealthiosXchange comprises four discrete capital markets to serve the needs of investors, emerging growth companies and strategic buyers throughout the investment horizon.

HealthiosXchange comprises four discrete capital markets to serve the needs of investors, emerging growth companies and strategic buyers throughout the investment horizon including: Crowd Finance (Non-Venture Backed Companies), Foundation Place (Foundation-backed), Ex.PR.E.S.S. (Venture-backed), and InMarket (“At the Market” and PIPES).

Webinar: How equity crowd funding can help life science companies

The past five years have been one of the more challenging periods for raising capital in the biotechnology industry, especially for early-stage companies. Numerous factors, including a challenging FDA environment upon NDA submission, long timelines to approval and the high rate of drug failure, have contributed to a dim venture capitalist view of the sector’s prospects. As a result, emerging growth biotechnology companies are increasingly pursuing alternative financing vehicles, including Equity Crowdfunding, to advance their drug development programs.

Watch this live webinar, recorded Feb. 26, hosted by ShareVault and S. Jordan Associates:

  • Learn about the different platforms available to Life Science companies including Equity and Non-Equity/”Compassionate Use” Crowdfunding
  • See a review of the JOBS Act and its provision for Equity Crowdfunding
  • Assess the value of Equity Crowdfunding for Life Science companies including Seed, Bridge and Side Car financings