Reg A+ is Bringing Back Small-Cap IPOs

ELIO Motors’ successful capital raise ($17M from 6,000+ investors) and listing on the OTC Markets has elevated Reg A’s (Title IV of the JOBS Act) profile in the capital markets. Watch our webinar to learn how this novel financing vehicle enables companies to:

  • “Go Public” at lower costs; list on the OTC or NASDAQ exchanges
  • Confidentially file with the SEC
  • Solicit the general public without established relationships via social media
  • Access non-accredited investors’ ~$14 trillion of new capital
  • Be preempted from Blue Sky Laws

Our distinguished webinar panel included preeminent leaders in the financial technology and investment banking industries: Josh Rutberg (Managing Director, Loyal3), Mark Elenowitz (CEO, BANQ), Rod Turner (Founder, Manhattan Street Capital) and Scott Jordan (CEO, S. Jordan Associates).

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New FinTech Funding Alternatives for Life Science Companies

On April 21, more than 80 investment professionals and emerging growth company executives participated in SJA/ShareVault’s webinar, “New FinTECH Funding Alternatives for Life Science Companies.” Topics of discussion included answers to the following questions:

  • Can I leverage FinTECH Portals (~AngelList, Capbridge, HealthiosXchange, Healthfundr) to raise capital from retail and institutional investors?
  • How should I set my expectations regarding the amount of capital I can raise under the JOBS Act (Title’s II, III, and IV)?
  • Can I simultaneously raise capital and list on an exchange (OTCQX, NASDAQ) via Reg A+ (Tier II) and do I need to hire an underwriter?
  • How did Elio Motors raise $17M via Reg A+ and “Go Public” on the OTCQX Exchange? How is Stock performing to date?

Get answers to these questions and much more.

View the slide deck here or click here to watch the recorded webinar.

“Re-boot” – Venture Capital Investing in the 21st Century

View the recorded webinar “Reboot” – Venture Capital Investing in the 21st Century. During the webinar, we discussed the following topics:

  • Going DIRECT: A New Paradigm in Healthcare Venture Capital Investing
  • “State of the Union” – Venture Capital
  • Sources of Potential Superior Outcomes in Direct Investing
  • Out of the Ashes: Re-Inventing VC
  • Confronting Risks – Direct Investing

For more on this topic, download the slide deck or read the white paper.

Webinar: Launch of Novel Crowdfunding Platform for Incubators-Accelerators

Learn about H/X Incubator Direct, a novel platform for Incubators and Accelerators seeking to raise capital for their portfolio companies, attract promising new emerging growth companies, and/or network with H/X’s members, including Accredited investors, investment professionals, and strategic buyers.

Of interest, H/X Incubator Direct has partnered with MATTER, a leading Incubator/Accelerator located in Chicago, along with noted pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie, Astellas, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

MATTER will help connect partners with innovators and entrepreneurs, unite Chicago’s dispersed health technology community and accelerate the formation and growth of new businesses that can revolutionize healthcare. MATTER’s strategic partnerships will also give startups the rare opportunity to collaborate with and learn from industry leaders that can help them develop and launch their innovations.

MATTER’s mission is to proactively connect and promote collaboration between entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians and industry partners in order to bring next-generation products and services to market that improve quality of care and save lives.

Learn more about MATTER here.

Harnessing the crowd: Understanding the future of equity-based crowdfunding

Rory Eakin, Founder and COO of CircleUp, and Scott Jordan, Founder of HealthiosXchange, provided insights about crowdfunding trends in a unique and informative session hosted by Pensco Trust Co.

Equity crowdfunding has a large and growing base of global supporters and advocates. Some call the recent rise in popularity “a revolution” in early-stage finance. The presentation covers:

  • Differences in crowdfunding platforms
  • Regulatory Implications
  • Investment Trends

See the presentation Harnessing the crowd: Understanding the future of equity-based crowdfunding.